Put the S-E-X in unisex hoodies

Put the S-E-X in unisex hoodies

Unless you are one of my loyal friends, or fans, you might not feel so comfortable wearing a sweater with a half-naked drooling woman boldly printed all over it. Meet my zip hoodie—a must-have for everyday undressing.

Made from 95% recycled who-gives-a-fuck, the hoodie combines sustainability with yada, yada, yada.

The only thing interesting about the white-label's description of this zip hoodie is unisex! That's right! It is unisex. Don't get all shriveled up on me now, hoodies have always been unisex. Pull that wallet back out and put your money where my mouth is.

Check it out here https://quickrus.com/products/unisex-zip-hoodie

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